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      The seven tyre companies are being targeted by the military!
      2019-12-06 10:55:29返回上一頁

      Recently, it was learned from the Wholesale Weapons and Equipment Purchasing Information Network that the 2015 Industry Suppliers Purchasing Business Directory was announced, and seven tire companies were selected as the designated military tire suppliers.

      It is understood that the tire companies that have obtained the 2015 military equipment supplier qualification are:

      Triangle tire co., ltd.

                                            Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Rubber Co., Ltd.

                                            Shandong Yinbao Tire Group Co., Ltd.

                                            Dalian Tire Factory Co., Ltd.

                                            Jiangsu Jiangyu Tire Co., Ltd.

                                            Inner Mongolia Yiji Group Lectra Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

                                            China National Chemical Corporation Shuguang Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

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